I am running rather short on Sex and the Pity material, as my Mr. Wonderful does not appear to be an asshole, douchebag, or hot mess enough to provide me with new blogging material. (I am quite okay with this.)


Since I am finally winning at this ridiculous game, I would love to hear about and share your Hot Messes and/or Dating Travesties.

You may send me submissions of fully written blog entries (though, I reserve the right to edit them) or you may send me particularly hot and messy profile shots from the various dating websites out there.

Please submit your work to Include your full name, contact info, and how you want your name to appear should it be published.



One thought on “Submissions

  1. I came across your blog because I wanted to start my own with the exact same name. I have so many HOT MESS stories that its hard to keep track, but its what keeps life interesting.
    Keep up the great work!

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