Dear Googler: A Spelling Lesson

More times than I care to document or admit the top searches bringing hits to Sex and the Pity are from those of you who are unable to spell “transvestite” .

So let’s clear up the confusion. If you are looking for a


please observe the above spelling.

If you are looking for “travesties”, then look no further.



To recap, here are a few helpful hints when searching for pornography for all of your transvestite fetish needs

  1. Spell “transvestites” correctly.
  2. Using the key word “hot” probably isn’t going to land you in any different place than not using the key word “hot”.
    I’m a bit skeptical that there is a large “fugly” transvestite following. But who knows…there’s a lot of weird pornography on this here interweb.
  3. While some transvestites may also be travesties, I don’t think you will find them on Sex and the Pity.

Happy Googling,



13 thoughts on “Dear Googler: A Spelling Lesson

  1. Lol! Wow! Eyebrow tattoos AND a heart of silver? lol! That is an impressive combo lol!
    I personally always type correctly when searching for sexual stimulation. One slip of the keys and you could find yourself in a whole other happy town, that may not make you happy. 😉

  2. Breathe…..breathe……hilarious!

    A previous blog I had returned the search terms “cartoon sex” and “nutella spread on cock” I have no idea why thye found me but to this day I amuse myself with the level of disappointment they must have endured….

    • I do enjoy myself some nutella. However, I’m skeptical about the nutella-cock combination.
      That’s a really specific food fetish…

      I am currently basking in the knowledge that now, even if they spell “transvestite” correctly, they will have a legitimate reason to stumble upon my blog.
      Poor. Stupid. Bastards.

  3. Oh thank God…I (k)new there was a problem that kept landing me on Now that this has been corrected I can get back to the truly exceptional periphery of the porn world…fire up the machine.

  4. Could you please direct me to where I might find “travesty in hat sex”? Google keeps redirecting my search.

    “Did you mean travesty cat in the hat sex?”

    “Did you mean bizarre-ass fantasy sex?”

    “Did you mean devil with a blue dress, blue dress, devil with a blue dress on?”

    “Did you mean transvestites in hats having sex, you freak?”

    “Did you mean travesty in hat sex mediafire rapidshare mp3?”

    “Did you mean to turn off Safesearch? This is your work computer, after all. Probably this is something to do at home? Or the library?”

    “Did you mean how to file for unemployment?”

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