Hot Mess: Volume 4

Or “This one’s too easy

Even Sloth gets lonely sometimes.

For comparison purposes


6 thoughts on “Hot Mess: Volume 4

  1. I’ve been laughing about this particular post for a few minutes straight now. I’m at the blissfully painful point where your cheeks hurt and your belly aches from such a good belly laugh. Thank you! I needed this laugh today!

  2. Even worse, it was his only picture. Out of all the pictures this dude has, this was the one he chose to out online.

    If it is really Sloth, the hair plugs seem to be successful.

  3. The thing about first impressions is that you only get one chance to smile like a cannibal while wearing your subtlest tracksuit.

    Strike that.

    This is the era of digital photography and digital editing tools. You never have to make a bad first impression again.

    So, this is either laziness or this is Sloth at his best.

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